Holly Jolly Christmas!

Christmas is pretty much my favorite time of the year!

When the days are at their shortest, the sunlight – if there is any – enters with a wonderfully intrusive golden glow, only to disappear suddenly hastily.There is an undeniable mystical quality to these days, especially when everything outside gets an edge of frost. Thus nature awoke this morning beautifully wrapped in a white veil. If I don’t have to go outside, I don’t go, I’m a house sparrow who doesn’t like the cold. But the red berries of the holly looked delicious, so this house sparrow went outside to take a quick snapshot. If the holly with its red or orange berries doesn’t evoke a Christmas mood, I don’t know what does. Well, it’s a cliché but as far as I’m concerned, one that can stay.

And yes, a sprig of holly is in order when it comes to Christmas decorations. I can’t get around its beauty. Moreover, its symbolism is wide. Unsurprisingly, the Druids considered him “holy.” Holly is an evergreen with an aura, that’s for sure. Plant a holly and you attract universal Love! Especially for Christmas and during these dark midwinter days, we could all use some extra of that universal Love.

Midwinter – I like the word , it so Celtic – is for me the run-up to Christmas in which I prefer to pay attention to the interior, put things in order and at the same time indulge myself with this. While nature and its beings have gone into rest for a while, I find peace within myself. I load up on stews that have been allowed to simmer for a long time and take a little more time. Time is important. Apparently there is a time for everything. Now let the aura of the sun fall on your face and let the berries of the holly cheer you up. It’s time for it.

Holly Jolly Christmas!