Equino happening and country cross : August 4, 5 th 2017: in the Hippodream Waregem August 6th 2017: in the castle domain of Nokere

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The Casier Castle is at a stone’s throw from our B&B. Along  your trip you pass  the vast  Casier  domain and the pictoresque  old cottages with shutters in their   lovely original  texture and colours .We are always willing to help you  to  map  out your rides in the countryside. Another suggestion  : visit the large

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Did you know that Nokere Hill is the official borderline between Low  and Middle Belgium ? Each year our region attracts hundreds of amateur cyclists who like the surprising and varied hilly landscape. The woody hills , spectacular  views and the stubborn bumpy cobblestones on which the cycling classics are held and the champions rush

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Waregem Koerse

An annual tradition is the famous equestrian event of Waregem Koerse It is  held on the Tuesday following the last Sunday of August.in the Gaverbeek Hippodrome . Among other well-known equestrian meets, Waregem Koerse is a highlight of the Flemish social calendar. Each year on  Wednesday evening these unique  festivities  are concluded   with sparkling  fireworks

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Nokere Koerse

The annual March highlight  is  the cycling race : Nokere Koerse The race passes in  our street .Book in time if you want to take part ‘live  and now’ in the event . Cycling classics such as ‘The Tour of Flanders’ and ‘Straight across Flanders’ pass our B&B.

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